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  • Application of Eye Drops and Ointments; Glaucoma [hide all summaries]
    The normal eye can hold about 10 microliters (10 millionths of a quart) of liquid. A single drop formed by an eye dropper, however, ranges from 25 to 50 microliters. What happens to the excess 15 to 40 microliters when you apply eye drops? Two things occur:
  • High Blood Pressure [hide all summaries]
    A study of nutritional therapy showed that over one-third of people who previously needed drug treatment for high blood pressure were able to adequately control their blood pressure with nutritional therapy alone.Several factors should be taken into account when considering whether your high blood pressure should be treated. One is the benefits of the treatment for your blood pressure, which vary significantly depending on how high it is, your age, and whether you have other risk factors such as high cholesterol or are a smoker or a diabetic, and whether you have had a heart attack, heart failure, a stroke, or have kidney damage. The other consideration is the risks or the adverse effects of the treatment, which will vary depending on what is being considered.

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  • Update on Drugs that Can Cause High Blood Potassium [hide all summaries]
    (December 2008)
    This article lists 68 drugs that can cause high blood potassium (hyperkalemia) that can result in nausea, fatigue, muscle weakness or tingling sensations, as well as heart abnormalities (showing up as an abnormal electrocardiogram). In some cases it can be fatal. If you are taking any of these drugs, be especially careful if you have diabetes or kidney disease. If so, you are at increased risk, and your doctor will have to weigh the risk of giving you these drugs. Also, the older you are, the more likely you are to develop hyperkalemia. Also, make sure you are receiving appropriate laboratory monitoring.
  • Used as a Glaucoma Treatment, Beta-Blocker Eye Drops May Cause Serious Adverse Reactions in Some Patients [hide all summaries]
    (November 2006)
    You should not use beta blocker eye drops to treat glaucoma if you have pre-existing breathing or certain heart conditions.
  • Breathing Problems In Older Adults Using Beta-Blocking Eye Drops For Glaucoma [hide all summaries]
    (February 2003)
    Beta-blockers, a family of drugs frequently prescribed for high-blood pressure, are also very useful (as eye drops) in controlling elevated pressure in the eye (glaucoma). Because beta-blocking drugs, including the topical products, affect both the heart and the lungs these drugs should not be used in patients with bronchial asthma or a history of that disease

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