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  • A Guide to Treatment for ADHD [hide all summaries]
    (October 2016)
    The number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and treated with drugs has increased dramatically over the past decade. Learn the steps needed for an accurate ADHD diagnosis and understand the variety of treatments available before working with your child's doctor on a plan for treatment.
  • VYVANSE for Binge Eating: Old Pill, New ‘Disease’ [hide all summaries]
    (September 2015)
    Don't fall prey to a drug company's slick marketing campaign of a dangerous drug recently approved by the FDA for treatment of a newly designated disease called "binge eating disorder."
  • A Review of ADHD Drug Lisdexamfetamine (VYVANSE) [hide all summaries]
    (January 2010)
    We list this amphetamine-like drug as DO NOT USE because it is more expensive than (and does not treat ADHD better than) older, safer alternatives (such as methylphenidate [RITALIN]).

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