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  • Erectile Dysfunction [hide all summaries]
    A number of drugs can cause sexual dysfunction in both women and men. Determining the potential benefits of vardenafil, tadalafil, or sildenafil is much more complex than for drugs that are used to treat cancer, heart disease, or high blood pressure, for example, where one of the potential benefits may be increased survival or avoidance of a heart attack or stroke. It is unlikely that untreated ED contributes to decreased survival, even though it may contribute to emotional distress and strained relationships.

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  • Potentially Dangerous Interactions Between Erectile Dysfunction Drugs and Other Medications [hide all summaries]
    (July 2019)
    Find out about the many prescription medications that can interact in dangerous ways with the four drugs approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Taking These Medications With Grapefruit Can Be Dangerous! [hide all summaries]
    (June 2019)
    Read about the many prescription drugs that can interact in dangerous ways with grapefruit or grapefruit products.
  • Big Pharma Rings in New Year with More Price Gouging [hide all summaries]
    (March 2018)
    In his editor’s column, Dr. Michael Carome highlights the most recent wave of price hikes by major pharmaceutical companies at the start of 2018.
  • Drugs That Cause Hearing Problems [hide all summaries]
    (November 2015)
    For most people with hearing loss, the condition likely is age-related or due to long-term exposure to loud noise. But for some patients, the cause of the problem can be found in the medicine cabinet. Learn about some commonly used medications that can cause hearing disorders.
  • Update on Grapefruit Juice-Drug Interactions [hide all summaries]
    (July 2012)
    This article updates and expands our earlier list of drugs that can have harmful interactions with grapefruit juice. The list now includes 82 different drugs.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Drugs and Hearing Loss [hide all summaries]
    (December 2010)
    The article describes evidence that sudden hearing loss can occur in people using certain erectile dysfunction drugs, and tells you which drugs can cause this problem. It also describes other symptoms that can accompany the onset of this drug-induced hearing loss.
  • Alpha-Blockers for Prostate Enlargement: Some Important Drug Interactions [hide all summaries]
    (June 2009)
    Taking alpha-blockers in combination with drugs for erectile dysfunction and with other drugs can cause dizziness and fainting. In this article we will discuss alfuzosin (UROXATRAL), doxazosin (CARDURA), tamsulosin (FLOMAX) and terazosin (HYTRIN) and drugs with which they can have harmful interactions.
  • Watch out for Interactions Between Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction and Other Medications [hide all summaries]
    (January 2009)
    The article lists 56 drugs that can interact with the three drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED): sildenafil (VIAGRA), tadalafil (CIALIS) and vardenafil (LEVITRA). Eight of the drugs are either nitrates such as nitroglycerin or a certain group of high blood pressure drugs.In combination with ED drugs, these drugs can cause a dangerous fall in blood pressure that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Thirty-two other drugs can inhibit the enzyme that helps the body to eliminate the ED drugs, resulting in abnormally high blood levels of the drugs and a potentially harmful "overdose" even though you are actually taking the recommended amount. The other 16 drugs speed up the metabolism of the ED drugs, thereby lowering the blood levels and reducing the effectiveness of the ED drugs.
  • Drug-Induced Eye Toxicity: 62 Drugs That Can Cause Eye Disease [hide all summaries]
    (April 2008)
    This article, based on a recent review in Drug Safety, lists 62 prescription drugs that can cause eye disease. The range of drug-induced eye diseases includes diseases of the eyelids, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal damage and optic nerve damage. As is true for drug-induced diseases in other parts of the body, you should consider newly developed eye symptoms beginning shortly after starting a new medication to be possibly drug-induced and consult a physician.
  • Internet-Sold Dietary Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction May Endanger Users [hide all summaries]
    (October 2006)
    The FDA analysis found that some of these products illegally contained sildenafil (VIAGRA), which is FDA-approved for erectile dysfunction. Others contained chemicals similar to sildenafil.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Can Cause Vision Loss [hide all summaries]
    (January 2006)
    We have asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to add black box warnings to the professional product labels, or package inserts, for the erectile dysfunction drugs sildenafil (VIAGRA), tadalafil (CIALIS), and vardenafil (LEVITRA). The warnings would alert prescribers to the possibility of irreversible vision loss with the use of these drugs.
  • The Dark Side of Viagra: Erectile Dysfunction Drugs And Vision Problems [hide all summaries]
    (August 2005)
    You should not use sildenafil Viagra), vardenafil(Levitra), or tadalafil(Cialis) for recreational purposes because there is no medical benefit to be gained. The possible harm from these drugs, no matter how small, will always outweigh a lack of medical benefit. If you experience any visual problems while using these drugs, notify your doctor immediately.
  • Grapefruit Juice and Prescription Drugs: Some Dangerous Interactions [hide all summaries]
    (February 2004)
    The January 5th issue of the Medical Letter, a widely respected source of independent information about pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, has a review of the increasingly researched problem of the interaction between grapefruit juice and many prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Like most interactions between chemicals in the body, this one involves the impairment, by grapefruit juice, of the body’s ability to metabolize many drugs, leading to higher than expected — and sometimes dangerous — levels of these drugs.This article lists the drugs.
  • Drug Induced Psychiatric Symptoms (Part 2) [hide all summaries]
    (November 2002)
    This is the second of a two-part series on drug-induced psychiatric symptoms that began in last month’s Worst Pills, Best Pills News. The information is based on the July 8, 2002 issue of The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics. Article lists drugs and adverse effects.

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  • “Reminder” Ads: Innuendo Minus Information [hide all summaries]
    (November 2007)
    At present, facing increasing competition and dwindling sales, Pfizer has launched a “reminder” ad for Viagra that skirts FDA requirements. Because any ad that mentions the product’s name and the condition that it treats must also disclose its side effects, Pfizer has eclipsed its message with a song and an image. The song is “Viva Viagra” (to the tune of “Viva Las Vegas”) and the image is that of a jam session of guitar-playing 40-something-year-old men singing about their “not straying” and their devotion to an unseen “she.” The ad omits a caution against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV, although this is flashed briefly on the screen. The result is an undermining of the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ original rationale for direct-to-consumer advertising: that it would be a tool to provide important information to patients who would benefit from the knowledge.
  • Manipulating the Hispanic Market: The Case of Viagra [hide all summaries]
    (September 2007)
    This article describes Pfizer's attempts to promote Viagra for erectile dysfunction by targeting Latinos, in part through support to a Latino physicians association.

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