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  • Alzheimer's Disease [hide all summaries]
    The strategy to sell Alzheimer’s disease drugs is based on hope, fear, and guilt: hope that one of these drugs might work, fear that if one of these drugs is not started quickly, all will be lost; and guilt if family members have not made the decision to fight the disease with expensive, sometimes dangerous, drugs. Recent reviews by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the American Academy of Neurology are appropriately skeptical of the use of these drugs.

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  • Revisiting Memantine (NAMENDA) and Other Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs [hide all summaries]
    (July 2011)
    Find out what outside experts, in published medical journal articles, think about the usefulness of the currently available drugs for treating Alzheimer's disease.
  • The Dangers of Combining Sleeping Pills With Other Medication [hide all summaries]
    (September 2010)
    The article list 34 other medications that can harmfully interact with sleeping pills, increasing their sedative properties and causing excessive sedation. Excessive sedation at night could increase the risk of falls, should the person get up in the night for some reason. Moreover, excessive sedation causing respiratory depression could be dangerous for people with certain disorders, such as lung disease.
  • Tizanidine: Watch Out for Drugs Interacting With This Muscle Relaxant [hide all summaries]
    (October 2008)
    Tizanidine (ZANAFLEX) is a muscle relaxant for which more than 3.8 million prescriptions were filled in the U.S. last year. The article lists more than 64 drugs with which it can have dangerous interactions resulting in excess sedation, difficulty breathing or dangerously low blood pressure that can result in falling.
  • Harmful Interactions Between Smoking and Prescription Drugs [hide all summaries]
    (November 2007)
    Something never mentioned on cigarette warning labels is that smoking can affect the way a number of medications work, in some cases resulting in significant, dangerous adverse outcomes. Smokers should be aware that a number of medications may not work as well because of smoking cigarettes. The article lists 16 drugs whose levels in the blood become lower, making the drugs less effective, if the patient is also smoking.
  • Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease [hide all summaries]
    (July 2004)
    Although, according to the New York Times, “a million Americans take them, at an overall cost of $1.2 billion a year.”, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who is an expert in Alzheimer’s disease was quoted in the article and placed the value of the current crop of Alzheimer’s drugs in perspective when he said, “You can name 11 fruits in a minute instead of 10. Is that worth 120 bucks a month?”

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