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  • Potentially Dangerous Digoxin Drug Interactions [hide all summaries]
    (November 2018)
    Read about the numerous medications that can interact with digoxin, a drug commonly prescribed for heart failure and atrial fibrillation. These interactions can result in either digoxin toxicity or decreased digoxin effectiveness depending on the other drug being used concomitantly.
  • Drugs That Cause Sun-Related Skin Reactions [hide all summaries]
    (July 2016)
    Summer is a terrific time for healthy outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, biking and swim¬ming. But for an unlucky few, certain medications can lead to adverse skin reactions following exposure to the sun. Find out whether you are at risk and how to protect yourself.
  • Life-Threatening Side Effects With Quinine (QUALAQUIN) [hide all summaries]
    (September 2010)
    Quinine is only approved to treat malaria but most of the use is for treating or preventing nighttime leg cramps, a purpose for which there is no evidence of effectiveness. Among 38 reports of serious side effects, including two deaths and two dozen cases of serious blood reactions, almost all occurred in people using the drug for purposes other than malaria.
  • FDA Warns Against the Use of Quinine to Prevent Nocturnal Leg Cramps, Orders Unapproved Quinine Drugs Off the Market [hide all summaries]
    (February 2007)
    The use of unapproved quinine-containing drugs to prevent nocturnal leg cramps poses serious safety concerns, including the risk of death, according to a December 11, 2006, warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The risk associated with the use of quinine sulfate in the absence of evidence of its effectiveness for treatment or prevention of nocturnal leg cramps, outweighs any potential benefit in treating and/or preventing this benign, self-limiting condition.

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