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  • Human Growth Hormone, ‘the Sweet Syringe of Youth’: Myths, Evidence and Controversy [hide all summaries]
    (August 2014)
    Numerous advertisements in magazines and on television and the Internet tout the miraculous age-reversing and bodybuilding properties of synthetic growth hormone treatment. This article critically reviews the evidence surrounding these health claims.
  • The Growth Hormone Craze: Why it Should Be Used only Rarely [hide all summaries]
    (August 2008)
    Growth hormone is only approved for three relatively rare conditions in adults: AIDS Wasting Syndrome, Short bowel syndrome involving malabsorption of food and Growth Hormone Deficiency. Experts in the care of patients with hGH-related problems clearly state that giving hGH for antiaging, age management or bodybuilding is not medically appropriate particularly when weighing the potential benefits and risks. The article discusses known risks including soft tissue swelling, joint pains, carpal tunnel-like syndrome, breast enlargement and diabetes. Other side effects include liver and heart enlargement, increased pressure around the brain and high blood pressure. Do not use growth hormone unless you have one of the three medical conditions for which there is actually evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Human Growth Hormone Not Recommended as Antiaging Treatment [hide all summaries]
    (July 2007)
    The harms of human growth hormone outweigh any benefit when used in healthy elderly individuals, according to a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. The article lists a number of side effects caused by growth hormone in otherwise healthy elderly people. The antiaging industry has established a new low in disease mongering by turning the normal aging process into a disease that can be treated by growth hormone.

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