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  • Review of Testosterone Products
    (May 2019)
    Approximately 10 years ago, testosterone makers launched a massive direct-to-consumer advertising campaign to promote the use of testosterone for normal age-related declines in testosterone in men. Learn why such use of testosterone can be dangerous without providing any proven benefit.
  • Beware of Companies Hawking Snake Oil for Alzheimer’s Disease
    (May 2019)
    The FDA’s recent warning about a dozen companies that marketed illegal products purported to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease highlights the importance of ignoring advertisements promoting miracle cures for serious diseases.
  • Indacaterol (ARCAPTA NEOHALER): The Wrong Choice for COPD
    (May 2019)
    In this article, we explain why the FDA should not have approved indacaterol, a long-acting inhaled bronchodilator, for long-term treatment of COPD without first requiring further clinical trials testing lower doses of the drug than the currently approved dose.
  • Colchicine Interactions with Other Drugs Can Be Life-Threatening
    (May 2019)
    Read about the many prescription medications that can interact in dangerous ways with colchicine, a commonly used drug for treatment of acute gout attacks.
  • Medications That Induce Breast Enlargement in Men
    (May 2019)
    For men, abnormally large breasts can be distressing and embarrassing. Find out about the numerous drugs that can cause breast enlargement in men.
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