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  • A Guide to Treatments for Osteoporosis [hide all summaries]
    (May 2015)
    Drug treatment can prevent broken bones in some women with osteoporosis. But drugs are not always necessary and can cause harmful side effects, especially when treatment lasts longer than needed. Read this article to learn who should take osteoporosis drugs, which drugs to take and for how long.
  • New Warnings for Bone Drug Denosumab (PROLIA) [hide all summaries]
    (November 2014)
    Learn about new warnings recently issued by the FDA about the bone drug denosumab, a medicine previously designated as Do Not Use by Public Citizen’s Health Research Group.
  • Osteoporosis Drug May Lead to Atypical Fractures [hide all summaries]
    (June 2013)
    This article provides the newest information on a big-selling osteoporosis drug that can actually cause fractures as well as numerous other adverse reactions, further explaining its categorization on WorstPills.org as DO NOT USE.

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