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This web site does not contain information on all drugs. It contains information on the 200 top-selling drugs in the U.S., as well as many others. (See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about how we select which drugs to write about.) Over time, we will add more drugs, but there will always be a large number of drugs, particularly those not prescribed frequently, that are not included on the website.

Before you subscribe, you can perform unlimited free searches on any drug, disease, or drug topic to see if we have information available. However, you must subscribe to read the full text of the articles.   We are happy to help you with technical problems searching our site or signing up to become a subscriber. However, we cannot respond to individual requests seeking medical information, whether from subscribers or non-subscribers. State Medical Practice Acts preclude us from providing personalized advice over the telephone or by e-mail. To do so without examining a patient can be considered practicing medicine without a license. The information on this site is intended to assist consumers in making informed decisions regarding the risks and benefits of pharmaceutical therapy in consultation with their physicians. Nothing on this site should act as a replacement for the advice of a medical professional familiar with your medical history.

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